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Why Might An Older House Have More Safety Risks Than A New One?

Typically, older homes are not as safe as newer homes, which poses many potential safety risks for today’s senior citizens. 

New Homes Vs Old Homes 

There are a few main differences between older and newer homes, including:

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Location
  • Home Safety Concerns
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Maintenance Requirements

All of the aforementioned differences can influence your choice to purchase a newer or older home. For senior citizens, though, newer homes are better suited for their increased safety needs.

Old Home Pros

Yes, there are several benefits associated with owning and living in older homes. Older homes tend to have ideal locations since they were primarily built close to town centers. This likely ensures easy access to surrounding shops, restaurants and other amenities. These houses are usually in established neighborhoods, offering a nice sense of community.

Of course, older homes are also cheaper. Depending on condition and location, older homes are often less expensive than newer ones in the same exact area. Anyone purchasing an older home can usually count on better availability than newer homes. 

Old Home Cons

Sometimes, the cons can outweigh the pros when it comes to purchasing a new home. It can be extremely difficult for seniors to keep up with any maintenance or remodeling needs. Some older homes may need newer heating and electrical equipment. This can be nearly impossible for seniors to keep up with.

Newer homes come equipped with safety features, such as lights, locks and burglar alarms. This equipment is crucial for the well-being of any senior living alone. Energy efficiency, or lack thereof, can pose a threat to seniors, as well. 

Old Home Safety Checklist

Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure your home is as safe as possible:

  • Keep all entrances clutter free.
  • Make sure handrails are on both sides of steps and stairs.
  • Exterior pathways must be free of loose stones, steps and holes.
  • Kitchen cabinets should be easily accessible.
  • Uncarpeted steps should feature non-slip surfaces.
  • All cords and wiring should be coiled and out of walkways.
  • All lighting is easily accessible.
  • Install safety grab bars throughout the home.
  • Locate telephones in multiple rooms.
  • Ensure doorways can safely accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and transport chairs.

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