Independent Living FAQ
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Benefits Of Independent Living For Seniors

Transitioning to life at an independent living facility comes with many benefits. Here are four reasons why choosing independent living could work best for your lifestyle.

Independent Living Advantages

Here is a brief list of advantages of independent living communities:

  • Social interaction
  • Meal plans
  • Safety
  • Maintenance-free lifestyle

Social Interaction

Human interaction and a variety of activities are not two things you have to give up when moving to an independent living community. In fact, most communities will boost your chances for socialization. Facilities offer a wide array of daily activities, destined to spark your interest. Whether it is a yoga class, exercise routine or even a musical act, all residents will find something enjoyable to do throughout the day. You may be living independently, but it certainly will feel like a community setting.

Meal Plans

Prioritizing those trips to the grocery store and preparing food on a nightly basis is something most people won’t mind letting go of. Independent communities will take care of you with a wide variety of meal and snack plans. They also know just how important proper nutrition is for seniors. Have meal plans and/or services tailored to your specific needs. A lot of independent communities will employ dietitians who can help you feel your best with an ideal food plan just for you.


What’s better than a combination of freedom and safety when you reach a certain age? Inside your home, you can do whatever you’d like and that also applies to the remainder of the facility. Most independent communities have many safety features installed, such as security cameras, gates and access control systems. It is the goal of every independent community to make sure residents are happy, healthy and safe at all times.

Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

One thing senior citizens/retirees could do without is constant maintenance concerns. It’s one of the main reasons many people leave their homes for an independent living community. You will no longer have to worry about how high the grass is growing or trimming the bushes. In-home maintenance concerns are now a thing of the past, as well. Let the facilities’ staff take care of any pesky checks or repairs. Most independent communities will feature 24/7 maintenance staffs. Say goodbye to those costly maintenance bills forever!

Independent Living Vs Assisted Living

So, why would one choose to live at an independent community over an assisted community? At independent facilities, the focus is on convenience and an active lifestyle, while assisted facilities are all about support and care. Independent living arrangements give you much more room, with housing spread out throughout the property. This is certainly not the case with assisted living. With the emphasis not on medical care within an independent community, this means the overall living costs are much less.

Independent Living Cost

According to Elmcroft, the average cost of independent living is $3,750 per month, with a range of $1,500 to $6,000 in the U.S.

Independent Living At Desert Winds Retirement In Peoria, Arizona 

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