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Checklist for Moving Into A Peoria Assisted Living Facility

Checklist For Moving Into Assisted Living

Moving into a Peoria, Arizona assisted living facility is the beginning of a new chapter for you. This is an opportunity to live in a senior focused and fun environment, with direct access to social activities and health care is exciting, but could also be a bit scary or stressful. Here are a couple tips for planning your move into an assisted living facility in Peoria, Arizona.

1. View The Facility

Take at least 1 day to visit the assisted living facility you are planning on moving in to. Walk around the entire facility making note of sizes of rooms, physical layout, how much closet space you will have, and any furniture you might need to provide that is not included. Talk to the operator to find out if they have a list of suggested items to bring, and also a floor plan of the entire facility layout.

2. Create Your Own Space

It always makes a place feel more like home when you bring in your own mementos and personal items that are dear to you. Bring in all of your knick-knacks, family photos, medals, artwork, etc. Create an inviting, warm, but familiar and comfortable environment for yourself.

3. Start Packing Early

Get ready for the move sooner than later. Start packing well before the date of the actual move. Go through your garments and decide what to bring, and what not to. Make sure the closet in your room is big enough to hold what you plan on bringing.

4. Adjustment Period

Moving from one location to new location can be tough and will take some time getting used to. It can take anywhere from a month to 3 months to adjust your new location. You may feel out of place at first, but keep in mind that these feelings are only temporary and will begin to fade once you have more established relationships and routines. Try to engage with other residents and make friends. It can be lonely all by yourself in a new place.

5. Participate In Social Activities

Participating is social activities is important because you are engaging with other residents and becoming part of the community. Try to start participating in activities right away. Don’t be scared to get out there, meet new people, and try different things. Your assisted living facility will most likely provide a list of regular activities that facility hosts. Choose a couple of programs to participate in early on. Making friends early on will make all the difference.

6. Reach Out

The assisted living staff is there to help you. Meet the members of the staff, get close to the ones you feel the most comfortable with, and don’t be scared to ask them questions when they arise. Don’t be shy, find staff you are comfortable with, and ask for help!

7. Stay In Touch With Loved Ones

Keep in touch with friends and family. Set up times when they can come and visit or call. Especially do this when you are first moving in. This will help your transition easier. Seeing faces you are familiar with will help you understand that your life is not completely changing, just your place of living. Although, don’t rely totally on family and friends for your social needs. Meet the other residents, make friends, and build your social support network inside the facility. If you are more of a shy type of person, keep in mind, every resident at the assisted living facility was once a new resident as well. Residents at the facility know what it is like to be new and will most likely approach you. Be open to them when they do.

8. Keep A “Glass Is Half-Full” Attitude

Transitioning into a Peoria assisted living facility can be scary, but this is a brand new chapter in your book of life, and can be very exciting and fulfilling as well. The staff at Desert Winds Retirement Community can help guide you through this transition and are also available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them when those arise.

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