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Happy Retirement Quotes

Happy Retirement Quotes

If you’re searching for happy retirement quotes, this post should help!

1. To one of the best people that our office has ever had the pleasure of working with. Congrats on your retirement!
2. A life without the daily commute and mountains of paper work. You’re very lucky my friend. Enjoy your retirement!
3. Retiring doesn’t mean that you have to stop chillin’ with us! Don’t forget stop by the office every once in a while. Happy Retirement!
4. Retirement equals independence. I hope you enjoy doing the things that you never had time for before. Congratulations! Happy Retirement!
5. The office will never be same without you. You will definitely be missed! Congrats on your retirement!
6. Open up that champagne and start an amazing bbq – this landmark in your life is worth commemorating. Happy retirement!
7. Happy retirement! Are you ready to start your new job? I’m pretty sure your wife has a “honey-do-list”.
8. You can now dress however you want to and no one will bat an eye. Just remember to! Happy retirement!
9. This is only a catch you on the flip side, not a goodbye. Happy retirement.
10. Enjoy your retirement and unlimited weekends. Take care and congrats!
11. Wishing you a wonderful retirement. Enjoy your new chapter in your life and we hope it’s filled with relaxation, and fun!
12. Say farewell to tension and a nice how-do-you-do pension! Congratulations from all of us to one admirable retiree.
13. Enjoy your retirement, now you can start that book you’ve talking about. Congrats.
14. To my colleague, but more importantly my friend. Wishing you a happy and healthy retirement.
15. Sorry that you are retiring, now we can hang out someplace besides the office. Happy retirement!
16. To keep your life balanced, work like you’re already retired and retire like it’s work.
17. Here’s to your good health, good luck and great successes in your retirement. Congratulations.
18. Have a wonderful retirement, remember us when you are globetrotting around the world.
19. Happy retirement best wishes on what your next adventure will bring.
20. I’m not old enough to give you advice but today I want to give you some – be strong! This is just beginning!
21. Have you been yearning about day totally without stress? That day is finally! Happy retirement day!
22. I just can’t believe that you are retired. I hope this time in your life will be great for you. Congrats.
23. Happy retirement, my friend. This is a big day for you, because everything is going to change. Enjoy the retired life!
24. Are you ready to start a new you? I hope you will experience something interesting at this stage in life. Go have some fun!
25. Today was your last day of work, we know it’s kind of sad, but look on the bright side. No more “a case of the Monday’”.
26. Do you know what retirement means? It’s time to discover a new you. Happy retirement!
27. With new challenges, comes a new you. Happy retirement. Here’s to strong health and lots of joy!
28. No more alarm clocks, running out the door, the daily commute… all gone! Enjoy your retirement!
29. Here’s to all of the hard work your put into this company, happy retirement.
30. Retirement isn’t the end of the road. It’s a brand-new beginning. It’s time to get out there and try something new and keep your head up!

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