Virtual Retirement Party Ideas
Written by Brian B

Virtual Retirement Party Ideas

If your workplace has gone virtual, there’s a decent chance you’ll throw or be part of a virtual retirement party at some point. If you’re looking for some ideas for the virtual event, we’re here to help!

Launch Countdown Clock

While you may be sad to see your boss or co-worker leave, you can also share in their excitement for new adventures to come. Creating a virtual retirement clock can increase the anticipation for both the retiree’s next chapter and the upcoming party. Many sites have the resources to help you build a personalized countdown clock. The process is simple and easy.

Gift Openings

Just because the party has gone virtual this doesn’t mean you have to forego the gifts. Consider sending physical gifts to the retiree before the party begins. Online vouchers and gift cards simply don’t have the same feel as a physical gift. Send gifts to the man or woman of the hour, then have the individual open the gifts for all to see.

Retirement Bucket List

Some head towards retirement with a clear plan, while others may not know how they’ll spend their time. Help the retiree out by compiling a list of fun activities or travel suggestions. An easy way to make the list is by using a Google Doc, which you can open access to for all co-workers to chip in. From where to travel or what new foods to try, the items included on this list can be endless.

Prepare Speeches

There are many ways to do speeches during a retirement party. You can either sprinkle a few speeches in throughout the party or wait until the very last moments. Let as many co-workers or employees speak as possible. Then, encourage the retiree to save some final words.

Invite Friends And Family

There’s never a crowd that’s too large thanks to many video conferencing platforms today. With that being said, invite some friends and family members of the retiree to get in on the fun. Try inviting some people without the retiree’s knowledge. The surprises can take the virtual retirement party to the next level.

Play Party Games

With some classic games not possible due to the virtual environment, try some newer games for the whole group. Easy games like a personal or workplace quiz can be put together by all involved in the party planning. You can even create a virtual retirement bingo board to play during the event.

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