When Is It Time For Assisted Living
Written by Brian B

When Is It Time For Assisted Living?

When is the best time to consider transitioning to assisted living care? Aggressive behavior and general confusion are both signs that a senior may need the care provided by an assisted living community. 

Signs That It Might Be Time For Assisted Living

When family members and/or caregivers can no longer provide for a senior’s every need, it’s time to enlist the services of an assisted living community. Knowing when the time is right to transition your loved one into assisted living care is vital. Here are a few signs that it is time to transition. 

Increased Care Needs

The average senior citizen will need some assistance in daily activities, such as lifting items or reaching for something on the top shelf. There may come a time, though, when more help is needed inside and outside the home. It is definitely time to consider an assisted living facility when you genuinely fear for the senior’s safety at home. 

Changes In Behavior

One of the most obvious signs that more care is needed is a drastic change in behavior. Whenever an individual begins acting out and becoming aggressive seemingly out of nowhere, it’s clear that alternative care options must be seriously considered. 

General Confusion

Dementia can unfortunately cause general confusion. A senior suffering from dementia may become lost and confused often. It is common for seniors to not know where they are or how they got there. Falls and other injuries are certainly possible at this time. 

Unsafe Alone

Any individual living with dementia can become forgetful. This could lead to issues in the home like forgetting to turn off the oven or even misplacing items. This can lead to further dangers such as forgetting to take medications or nasty falls down the stairs.

Caregiver Fatigue 

An all-too-common reality features family members or caregivers reaching a breaking point when caring for a senior. The level of assistance needed or behavior alterations can become too much to handle at times. Whenever this occurs, it’s time to consider assisted living care.

Assisted Living For Disabled Adults

Benefits Of Assisted Living

Here’s a look at some benefits associated with assisted living care:

Your Loved Ones Protection

Members of the family no longer have be concerned about their loved one getting manipulated, falling down, wandering off, not eating a healthy enough or taking the improper medication. The living facility will take every means possible to ensure your loved ones are continuously protected and safe.

Socializing For Your Loved One

It’s really not surprising for seniors to start to become lonely as they age. Loneliness in seniors may lead to a lot of problems, ranging from failing health or stints of depression, issues being inactive and more. At the assisted living facility, the residents become a member of a compassionate, loving, and caring community. Your loved one will be surrounded by seniors and have numerous opportunities to socialize and take joy in the company of other seniors their own age.

Increased Activity For Your Loved One

It’s very essential that we stay active as we get older. Your loved ones are offered an assortment of outdoor activities as well as indoor activities from arts & crafts, to movie night, or even fancy dinner parties. Some assisted living communities will offer their residents modes of transportation, so they can go on expeditions, like the market or go to doctors appointments.

Eating Healthier

Superbly cooked meals and nutrition are necessary for today’s seniors. Award-winning chefs make appetizing meals that also will fulfill your loved ones dietary needs and individual preferences of each of their seniors.

Assistance In Day-to-Day Duties

It’s very important for seniors to have their independence, but still have the assistance they need. Assisted living communities provide their residents with help, only when needed, with daily living undertakings, such as dressing, preparing meals and eating or laundry duties.

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