Average Length Of Stay In Memory Care Unit
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Average Length Of Stay In Memory Care Unit

On average, a stay in memory care will last between 2-3 years. However, based on several different factors, the length of stay can either increase or decrease. 

Typical Length Of Memory Care Stays

Trying to put an exact timeline on a memory care stay can be very difficult for many reasons. While some residents may stay in memory care for only a short period of time, others could spend years in this living arrangement. For example, individuals who receive some sort of at-home care prior to transitioning, tend to spend less than a year in memory care. The average length of stay in 2-3 years, but there are certainly many outliers.

Factors Impacting Memory Care Stay

Typically, length of stay will be influenced by the following factors:

  • Type Of Impairment
  • Availability
  • Family Support
  • Overall Health

When To Enter Memory Care

Closely monitor your older loved ones for the following warning signs:

1. Declining Health

Declining health, especially physical health, can be one of the most obvious signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Physical conditions can quickly decline for individuals who forget to take certain medications. Individuals may become thin/frail during this time.

2. Changes In Behavior

While some behavioral changes may not be noticeable, others can be quite jarring to witness. Changes in behavior and motor skills should be monitored closely. Anyone suffering from dementia can become easily confused and/or agitated.

3. Constant Confusion

Constant confusion is a sign of dementia. Even in familiar settings, individuals with dementia can become lost and confused.

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