How To Retire At 45
Written by Brian B

How To Retire At 45

If you are searching for “how to retire at 45” or “how to retire early at 45“, this article will provide four tips on how to achieve that goal.

Steps To Retirement

Follow these guidelines for the best chance at an early and successful retirement:

  1. Make Retiring At 45 A Goal
  2. Save Money Now
  3. Adjust Your Lifestyle
  4. Make Wise Investments

Make Retiring At 45 A Goal

One of the biggest keys in any sort of early retirement is deciding on it when you are young. Decide on the age of 45 far in advance, if possible. Obviously, you will have a much better chance at attaining your goal if you decide on it at age 20 rather than age 30. This seems like common sense, but it may be very difficult to make that sort of decision while juggling work and family life at the same time.

If you do plan for an early retirement, it’s best to attempt to accelerate your income. There are many different ways you can do this. Some people will pick up an extra part-time job or start a business on the side. Ask your boss if there is any chance for extra work or bonus opportunities. Always contribute money towards your retirement while resisting the urge to live above your means.

Save Money Now

A common rule of thumb for saving towards retirement is the four percent rule. The four percent rule says your savings should last at least 30 years as long as you withdraw no more than four percent of your savings during year one of your retirement.

Let’s say you plan to live on $25,000 per year for the next three decades. If that’s the goal, you’ll have to have $750,000 in savings. Make a budget early and estimate how much money you can live off of during retirement.

Adjust Your Lifestyle

Easier said than done, right? Well, this does not mean you have to drastically alter everything about the way your living. Constantly evaluate what you spend and how you spend it. Are there more opportunities to save money?

Try to get rid of any unnecessary expenses in your life. Pay off any car/student loans as quickly as possible. Consider saying goodbye to some luxuries in the foreseeable future. Limit your fancy nights out and vacations, if possible.

Make Wise Investments

The experts say the younger you are, the more room you have for risky investments. Even if the market collapses while you are in your 20s, you will have time to recover financially during the course of your life.

Experts do say, though, making steady investments is the way to go when targeting an early retirement age. A more conservative approach to the market now can pay off in the future. Diversify your investments and make sure to factor in social security benefits into your retirement budget.

Can I Retire Without A 401k?

Yes, it is possible to save enough money without ever having a 401k plan. Opening an IRA is the most popular alternative for individuals without a 401k. Many turn to opening an IRA because there are many different IRAs one can invest in.

Both a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA are great investment options. The only stipulation is that one must be earning an income to open an IRA. But, this does include individuals who may be unemployed, yet married to someone who is earning an income. Freelancers and self-employed individuals often choose to open an IRA.

This is the simplest, but far from easiest option for individuals to save money towards retirement. All you have to do is put your tax refunds directly into savings as soon as you receive it.

This may seem like a difficult option, especially for those who depend on tax returns. In the end, though, saving tax returns will be worth it. IRS Form 8888 allows taxpayers to directly deposit refunds into two or more investment or savings accounts.

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